Portfolio Recovery Associates is a debt collection agency based in Norfolk, Virginia that has had numerous cases brought against it for consumer harassment. From research we have done, we believe that Portfolio Recovery Associates uses the following phone numbers to contact people that owe debt.

Portfolio Recovery Associates Phone Call

8778030008, 877 803 0008, 205-396-3619, 205-588-8181, 239-642-8598, 404-592-5171, 440-580-0720, 443-313-1380, 518-207-3602, 626-209-2241, 661-673-4507, 678-265-1568, 702-410-7069, 727-637-8527, 731-984-7690, 757-321-2508, 757-321-6271, 757-321-6279, 757-321-6280, 757-321-6281, 757-321-6282, 757-847-4539, 757-961-3546, 757-961-3547, 757-961-3548, 800-427-7142, 859-918-0780, 866-909-0529, 866-940-7640, 877-803-0008, 918-442-0320, 239-214-2490, 407-347-4014, 412-282-1420, 412-235-6111, 412-282-1423, 510-355-1780, 620-263-3537, 620-860-2755, 702-331-8694, 702-410-7497, 731-256-7106, 757-209-2019, 757-519-9300, 757-961-3544, 757-964-7007, 757-663-7884, 800-564-8818, 800-772-1413, 817-479-9154, 817-500-9094, 847-678-9710, 847-994-2540, 866-297-2292, 866-428-8102, 866-691-3568, 866-925-7109, 888-422-2240, 888-772-7326


If you have been contacted by any of these numbers it is possible that you have dealt with debt collector harassment and may have grounds to take them to court. Consumers have certain unalienable rights when it comes to dealing with debt collectors. These rights are laid out in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Some of the more common rules broken by debt collectors include:

Portfolio Recovery Associates Gavel


  • Calling before 8:00 AM or after 9:00 PM.
  • Yelling at you or using profane language.
  • Calling you at work after they have been told not to do so.
  • Contacting anyone other than you or your spouse about your debt.
  • Implying that failure to pay your debt may result in jail time.



We know that you are facing difficult times right now, and just because you are in debt does not mean you deserve to be harassed by debt collectors. There are many other people just like you that have fallen into debt because of the loss of income, family or medical emergencies, or any number of other reasons.


If debt collectors have broken any of the previously stated rules when contacting you, you should look into taking a meeting with an attorney. If you have a good case you could win around $1,000 in statutory damages from the collection agency. Also, if you end up winning the case the collections agency is typically required to pay the attorney’s fees.