National Recovery Agency (NRA) is a provider of accounts receivable management that buys up debts and attempts to collect them from consumers. The phone numbers at the bottom of the page are all numbers we believe NRA may have used to contact you.

National Recovery Agency Debt Phone CallGoing into debt is not something people plan for or enjoy, and being harassed by debt collectors does not make the situation any better. There are many Americans every month that fall into debt because of legal fees, getting laid off, or any other number of reasons. We know that you are trying your hardest to get into a position to pay off your debt and no matter what the reason you have fallen into debt, debt collectors do not have the right to harass you.

As a consumer you are protected from debt collector harassment by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). When a debt collector violates your rights under the FDCPA, you may have cause to take them to court. The FDCPA says that debt collectors are not allowed to:

  • Add fees to your debt other than what is allowed by law.
  • Discuss your debt with anyone besides you and your spouse.
  • Continue to call you after you have written them a letter telling them to stop.
  • Call you using a robocall machine after you have told them not to.
  • Lie to you or threaten to sue you without a legal claim.

If a debt collector has violated any of the rules listed above, or harassed in any other way prevented by the FDCPA, you could be entitled to up to $1,000 in statutory damages. If you win your case the collection agency will also be responsible for paying your attorney’s fees. If you have been harassed by a debt collector don’t hesitate to call an attorney to set up a free consultation.

Phone Numbers:

(877) 837-4130, (703) 291-9005, (800) 773-4503, (703) 436-1288, (866) 240-5037, (800) 521-5165, (888) 484-7594, (800) 620-0371, (800) 773-4503, (716) 362-4891, (800) 814-6546, (800) 814-6580, (724) 250-9457, (877) 671-1851, (800) 360-2998, (866) 431-5117, (855) 232-9534, (713) 777-2501, (855) 864-3453,  (866) 275-3315, (877) 859-3653, (877) 728-3486, (877) 743-1358, (720) 325-1321, (866) 240-7531, (877) 858-4319, (703) 656-9948, (866) 240-7530, (866) 761-7602, (866) 231-8218, (407) 347-4021, (877) 200-4113, (336) 217-0877, (215) 244-4200, (866) 426-4288, (888) 426-7576, (866) 231-8218