Convergent Outsourcing/ER Solutions Harassment CallIf you have been contacted by one of the below numbers, it is likely coming from a debt collection agency called Convergent Outsourcing or ER Solutions. If this company has been calling you, you should review some of the rules laid out in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

List of numbers:

(800) 759-9854, (877) 884-1567, (800) 653-9156, (425) 562-3215, (877) 495-0499, (866) 291-6364, (288) 206-4918, (888) 203-1294, (800) 477-5416, (800) 707-0102, (646) 578-8461, (877) 227-0051, (206) 674-7507, (800) 320-9347, (877) 845-8282, (866) 769-0203, (800) 350-9095, (281) 529-3150, (877) 317-0948

Under the FDCPA you, the consumer, have certain rights when it comes to dealing with a debt collector. If the collector has broken any of these rules you should consider taking legal action. If you end up winning your case you will not only win up to $1,000 in statutory damages, but your legal fees will also be covered by the collection agency. Per the FDCPA a debt collector cannot:

  • Call you multiple times in a week.Convergent Outsourcing/ER Solutions FDCPA
  • Contact anyone other than you or your spouse in reference to your debt.
  • Lie to you or threaten to sue you without any valid legal claim.
  • Add fees to your debt other than those allowed by law.
  • Call you using robocall machines after they have been told not to.

There are many other Americans like that are in the same boat as you, and you should know that your debt is nothing to be ashamed of. We know that whatever the reason is you are in debt, debt collector harassment can cause you more emotional damage and add stress to an already unpleasant situation. If you think that Convergent Outsourcing or ER Solutions is harassing you then you should seek out a free consultation with an attorney to see if you have a case.