Cavalry Portfolio Services Equal Justice Under Law

Cavalry Portfolio Services is a debt collection agency that deals with the acquisition and management of non-performing consumer loan portfolios. Research we have done has lead us to believe that the following is a list of numbers that Cavalry Portfolio Services may have used to contact you:

(800) 501-0909, (866) 483-5139, (877) 267-0876, (602) 667-0128, (866) 428-6589, (888) 845-0146, (800) 861-5065, (877) 883-7493, (918) 665-5600, (800) 861-4421, (888) 287-5711, (800) 456-5053, (800) 861-4760, (888) 827-2005, (800) 861-4692, (281) 760-3876, (800) 821-2507, (877) 566-0014, (800) 861-4974, (888) 716-0010, (866) 873-5291, (800) 443-2918, (800) 861-4628, (800) 481-4097, (800) 304-8519, (855) 402-7676, (866) 799-1702, (866) 297-6863, (800) 527-3369, (670) 330-6088, (716) 748-8700, (817) 217-4129, (602) 667-0686

Did you know that if you have been contacted by this company or another debt collection agency you might be entitled to up to $1,000 in damages? The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA) provides a set of rules that debt collectors must follow when contacting you. If any of these rules have been broken you may wish seek out a free consultation with an attorney in order to see if you have a good case. Some of the rules laid out in the FDCPA include but are not limited to:

  • A collector cannot call anyone other than you or your spouse in an attempt to collect your debt.
  • You cannot be called at work after telling the collector not to.
  • The collector cannot continue to contact you after you have written them a letter asking them to stop.
  • You cannot be contacted before 8:00 AM or after 9:00 PM.
  • The collector cannot imply that you will go to jail if you do not pay your debt.

Being in debt is not something to be ashamed of and you certainly do not deserve to be harassed by debt collectors. Many Americans just like you have experienced some sort of life emergency that has driven them into debt and are trying their hardest to get to a point where they can pay that debt off. If you feel that your rights have been violated under the FDCPA there is a chance that the debt collection agency will be forced to pay not only up to $1,000 in damages, but also your legal fees.